Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Access Denied."

I hate those words. Anything semi-interesting that i like to look up online at work usually ends quickly when i see those words. Sure, no porn for me at work. I get it. No MySpace? OK, i can live with that. But then they took away YouTube, Online radio, any streaming audio or video for that matter, and even Victoria (I guess cause it has boobies on it.)
Yet I can look up "micro penis" and i get full pictures of peckers of all sizes.

My one Saving Grace was blogger. Blogger kept me entertained when all other websites failed. But, alas, Internet Nanny has found me out. When i got an email from Angelle saying that she left a comment on my page, I clicked on my blog. You can just guess what wonderful surprise i got instead.

Access. Denied.

So now i am reduced to using my home computer to blog. I apologize in advance if my posts start to become more scarce.

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