Friday, November 2, 2007

New Neice?

SOOO I have this friend, we'll call him Frank. My friend has 2 beautiful girls that Barry and I call our nieces. Their mother is not in the picture because she's a crack whore biotch. You know you're worthless when are the mother and you lose full custody. She wasn't even granted supervised visits. Worthless. Except that she produced my two beautiful neices. But i don't think she had to do much for that.

OOPS! This was supposed to be about my new neice.

Ok, So, to make a long story short, my friend "Frank" is now in a relationship called a "V". He started dating a woman who is married, but she and her husband are swingers and the husband knew about it all along. Infact, they hung out all the time, together. She's the tip of the V. Get it? Well, things ended up getting serious, and they are all now living under one roof. Frank, my 2 neices, the husband and wife, and their 3 children. And then we get the news about 7 months ago that Wife is pregnant. With Frank's baby. (Husband is fixed).


On October 25th, New Niece is born. She's beautiful and alert and perfect in any way a newborn can be. She's Frank's, just like my 2 other neices are. I'm going to love her just like her older sisters.

Here's the thing. I absolutely adore New Niece's Sisters. Since they've had a crack whore biotch of a mom most of their lives (or no mom at all), Barry and I have been there as much as possible. We have them spend the night and take them places when we can. But now there are 6 of them. SIX. Are we obligated to show the others the same affection? Do i have to invite all 6 of them to spend the night? Do i have to buy 6 Christmas presents? Our wallets can't afford it. I don't know if my heart can afford it. Am i being selfish that i am afraid to get close to the other kids?

And now, there's New Niece, tying this briar patch of a family tree together for life.

It's just a strange situation, as you can agree...

Any advice?


Laurie said...

Holy crap, that sounds like a TV show!

I don't think you are obligated to pay as much attention to the additional 3...although you won't be able to prevent feelings getting hurt if you don't...

Just explain to Frank that his freakish lifestyle prevents you from being able to watch all the kids, but you would gladly take the first 2 (since they know you the best and you are comfortable with their routines).

Wow. I'm not letting Bryan read this because he would be all pestering me about finding someone to V with. Only he'll want a cute UNC girl. He watches much too much Big Love. Anyhoo. Hope this works out for you!

Mandi said...

Yeah, we tell them all the time that they belong on Springer. Only, they all get along! And the crazy part about it is that that other than the craziness of the adults, the kids seem to be doing very well! It's a very well run household for the most part.

And tell Bryan that it's a V because the 2 tips of the V don't touch. They just share the point... Too bad for him. :)

Laurie said...

He would be the point, you dork.

Rhiannon said...

I was going to say, "Jerry, Jerry!" That is some funky stuff. Sorry, I have no advice to offer though.

Rhiannon said...

Oh and Laurie, don't let Bryan read this.