Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Miss Mandi Homemaker

Go me. I cooked dinner last night! Barry does about 99 percent of the cooking in our household. If it wasn't for him, my diet would consist of mac and cheese and tostino's pizza. But for whatever reason i decided that i would throw together chicken parm. SOOOO, i bought the cans of tomato puree and created the sauce - no Prego for my baby! I spiced and diced and let that simmer. Then I sliced (cutlet style), breaded, and lightly pan-fried the chicken breasts in olive oil, topped them with an italian six-cheese blend (yay Publix) and finished it off in the oven. I even made garlic bread. I plated it and served it to my wonderful husband, who was sitting on the couch watching TV (my usual position while he cooked and served to me). The best part about it: It tasted GOOD!


That'll keep me good for another couple of months until i get the itch again. Thank God for Cook-y Husbands. :)

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Laurie said...

Nice :)

I wish Bryan had an inkling to cook once in a while. Thank God you didn't marry him, because between the two of you, you'd eventually get some kind of syndrome associated with eating too much Kraft Mac and Cheese.