Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tonight, Braydon was 'talking' up a storm, which is great because he's still quite far behind. My sister really needs to get it on video before he starts talking for real. His words are still very, um, hard to understand. But he knows exactly what he's saying, and once you get it, you can see what he's trying to say. (i.e. "Tick" could be sick, stick, or kiss). He burped today after some Diet Caffine Free Cream Soda, and instead of saying "Excuse Me" he says, "heehee! ...Me." With the "I claimed that one" most adorable smile you'll ever see . Most of the things that ashton and braydon do or say are soo cute, but because it's how they say them more than what they, it's so hard to describe. Like:
Daddy: "On your way, will you grab that napkin and wipe your runny nose?"
Braydon: "O-tay!" and preceeds to smear snot all over his face, place the napkin snot-side-down on the table, smile, and run into the living room.
It was freakin' adorable.

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