Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with stuff. I had a moment of insanity when I asked if my friend's 4 kids wanted to spend the night friday night. :P So my house went from NO kids to 4 kids ranging from 8-11 for about 23 hours. It actually wasn't that bad. We went to Movie in the Park downtown at Treaty Oak. They were playing Hook. I LOVE that movie! When we got there, of course, they wanted to play on the tree and not watch the movie. Luckily Barry was there to play with them so I could watch Maggie say " C'mon Daddy, Mommy could do it!"

After they all were ready to go, (and before the end of the movie, of course) we went on the tram here in jax. its this sad excuse for an El train, but at least we have something. It was later so we just rode it back and forth across the river. The kids seemed to have gotten a kick out of it.

The next day we were up before nine, and they were ready to swim, so after some cereal, we went swimming in the pool. Then lunch, swimming, and of course Barry introduced them to Peggle, so now there are 4 more people in this world addicted. Before we knew it, Daddy James was there to pick them all up!

After they left, we got ready and went to BW3's for the UFC fight. It was Awesome! Had a few drinks and an all around great time. next time we think we'll go to a friend's and split the pay-per-view, because beers were re-donk-ulous expensive.

Sunday, my sisters and I took my mom shopping for a girl's day out. My mom just stayed in the dressing room and we would just bring her stuff. My new favorite store? KOHLs. it's flippin' awesome. I got 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts (with belts), and a pair of slacks for 99.97. Not bad, eh? I love hanging out with my mom and sisters. We laugh the whole time.

Other than that, the 2 hours i had to relax was of course playing Peggle or hanging out with Barry. :)

All in All, a good weekend. :)


Mike said...

you need a cooler blog header! I'll design you one.

Mandi said...

SWEDEDEDEU! email it to me at work!