Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures from Kennedy Space Center

Please do not adjust your monitor... for some reason my camera decided to take on a blue tint for all the pics. Hmph.
In a model of an Apollo Command Module, to give you a feel of the size
That's a rocket. A big one. (But not the biggest!)
To Infinity....AND BEYOND!!!

Launch Pad B, getting outfitted for the next Saturn launch

THE walkway that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins used. The next time they walked would be on the moon.

Apollo 11's Command Module. Not very comfy looking...

That shuttle behind us went into SPACE. Can you see the burn marks?
Explorer. Bitchin.

The undercarriage of the Saturn V rocket. Only the largest rocket ever made.


Jim and Garret said...

Funny, we just went here today and will go back for more tomorrow. I really didn't enjoy it felt it over priced as well. I'll be working on my blog entry later this evening!


Mandi said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it! Maybe it's because you didn't have a 2-4-1 coupon... Did you do the liftoff experience? I unfortunately had to skip that part (due to my "parasite") but I'm so amazed with the space program (and a self-admitted star trek fan) that i was just fascinated by the fact that the things we saw were in SPACE. Plus I didn't foot the bill of the entrance fee...