Monday, July 13, 2009

Telling the Friends

Saturday we spent the day telling friends and showing off the little cashew's picture.

First stop was our Kung Fu instructor's. He's been a mentor of Barry's since Barry was about 16. He's like a father to us and it was the hardest not talking to him. He was so excited and promised me a shopping spree when my belly starts to sprout! He said 'no daughter of mine will be caught in ugly clothes. You're gonna look cute!" I can't wait for that day!! :)

Then we FINALLY told our roommate. We were certain she had figured it out already, with the father's day cards floating about the house and my "What to Expect" book on my night stand. But she claims she was oblivious and she had a great reaction.

That night, we went over to our friend Bozz's house with some friends for the UFC 100 fight. I kept giving Barry the 'eye' to say something. Finally right before 10, Barry says, "Before the fight starts, i want to say something. I'm going to be a Dad."


They were waiting for the punchline! If you known Barry before he met me, people would have put money on the bet that he would never get married and have kids. Enter Mandi, 2001. BAM! Did I mess his plans up or what? :) So everyone started looking at me to confirm, which I did by pulling out Cashew's picture, and then they were like, "Woah. Congratulations?"

I got a little googly at that moment when I realized it was the first time I heard him say "I'm going to be a Dad." I've been keeping my distance on the mushy stuff because I know he's scared shitless and I want him to come to terms with things on his own.

So, it's pretty much out there. It's killing me to not put the picture on facebook, but we are waiting to tell Barry's brother when he comes to visit on the 24th. Once he knows, it's on!

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