Monday, August 2, 2010

2010-08-02 Pics of the Day/A Day of Many Firsts!

Today we woke up early and drove to Hilton Head, SC to visit with some family that are vacationing there.  I did my best to take pictures of all the firsts that happened today, but there were so many and 1/2 the time I didn't realize it was a first until the camera was out of the way.  So here's the day in pictures:

It was Alexsa's first road trip, her first time out of Florida, and her first time at McDonald's. All before 9 am!

It was also her first time in her stroller w/o her car seat.  She LOVED watching her feet as we strolled to the beach.
First time ready for the beach!
First time in the ocean! (she wasn't too keen on it)

First Family Photo on the beach :)

First time meeting "Uncle" Josh! (cousin)

It was also her first time meeting many other Swedlows. She got passed around so much I actually got jealous and wanted her to myself. But I was good and let her cousins and aunts and uncles enjoy her. And was she enjoyable! She was so good all day. She got overheated after about 15-20 minutes on the beach and was the opposite of happy. I felt so bad for her! I scooped her up and practically ran back to the beach entrance where, luckily, there was a gift shop with air conditioning. As soon as she got inside she calmed down. When we finally reconnected with the others, Barry fed her some water out of a water bottle! So it was her first time drinking w/o a bottle. She did so well! I wish I got it on video because it was adorable the way she stuck her tongue out. Maybe next time.

From the beach we went where Josh and Melissa (his GF) were staying to play in the pool and cool off.  I didn't expect Alexsa to like the pool, since just a few weeks ago we tried and she wasn't having it.  But she loved it!

First time enjoying the pool!

First kisses in the pool :)
First puppy kiss! (I LOVE this picture!)

From here I didn't have a camera... We went to dinner at The Crazy Crab and got a high chair. It was the first time she sat in the high chair and not in her car seat.  She only lasted a few minutes before she was done w/ that.  Luckily she has plenty of people to hold her and entertain her. She also had her first non-formula food when Aunt Sharon gave her a green been to suck on at dinner. She didn't like it too much.  But then she tried some smushed carrot and liked that.  She played with spoons and enjoyed throwing butter packets on the ground with Aunt Sharon while I was able to enjoy some awesome crab legs and peel-and-eat shrimp. YUM.

After dinner we said our goodbyes and got in the car about 7:30.  She slept all the way home and we were back in Jax by 10:45. It was such a great day!  I love spending time w/ family!

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Denise said...

Could she be any cuter??? LOVE the suit with the hat!