Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogger Book

I am horrible about updating Alexsa's baby calendar of milestones. I'm probably 2 months behind already... I think "Well, I posted it on Blogger, so at least its documented." And that gives me the excuse to procrastinate more.  Another cool thing I wanted to do was print each of her daily photos into an album so later, she could see herself grow up (and that I could remember that she as once tiny and wonderful!). The task of having to print almost 365 photos was daunting.  Then I thought "They should give you the ability to publish your blog! I think I'll email Google about that." So yesterday I went to do just that and realized they already have that ability! YES!  (Too bad for me, I might've gotten some $$ on the idea, but oh well.)  You can go to and print your blog in a nice hardback book!  You can even customize it by label and other things.  Its about $50 bucks, but what a great way to capture Alexsa's moments for us to look at anytime. I think I'll do this after her 1st birthday as a gift to both me and her. :)


Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Printing the blog is pretty cool stuff, huh.

Mandi said...

Garret, it would be great for your year in the RV!