Monday, August 16, 2010

Six Months Old!

We went to the doctor for Alexsa's 6 month wellness check today.  Here are her stats:

Weight: 15lb 4 oz (30th)
Height: 26 1/4" (70th)
Head: 42cm (30th)

So, compared to her 4 month check up, she's getting closer to the middle range.  I kinda hopes she stays below 50% - I like that she's petite :)

At her 6 month birthday:
  • Alexsa has learned to sit up, get on all fours, rock and even crawl!  She's my little mover now.  She had no fear when it came to learning to crawl.  She got on all fours and within a few days she was taking that first 'step' with her hand.  It only took a few times of plopping on her forehead before she figured out  how to move her legs to go along with her hands to keep her balance.
  • She is eating 6-8 ounces of formula every 3 hours, eating 4-5 times a day depending on her naps.
  • She and Daddy have so much fun during the day!  She is just so much fun to watch and play with and is a happy happy baby 90% of the time.
  • Daddy has become the baby whisperer. He is very good at getting Alexsa to go down and if she's extra fussy, Barry goes in that room and does some sort of voodoo because 80% of the time, she won't make another peep when he comes out.
  • I love love love my time with her. I'm starting to get sad at how fast all these milestones are coming. Just last week she learned to crawl and she's already learning to pull herself to stand?  I need to hurry up and invent that time machine so I can travel back to this age. 
  • I love her snuggles.  She knows the perfect way to curl up in my arms that makes me melt every time.
  • Alexsa has a gift to make everyone she meets fall madly in love with her.  She's got an infectious smile that even the biggest cynic could catch.
  • She LOVES the camera. 

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Angelle said...

Love that sweet sweet girl.