Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life Beyond Babies?

I realized I've been slacking on posting things that are non-baby picture related... So here's an update on my life outside of Alexsa.

Work has been interesting.  Back in May, it was announced that our institution would be purchasing another, effectively growing the Bank by 40%.  Our 'Legal Day one' is in October, then the merger will be complete in December.  Luckily I still have my job, doing the same thing I'm doing now.  My virtual branch has been very slow since we lowered rates, so I've been helping in other parts of the operations department, primarily handling wires. Nothing too exciting, except for when I mess up!

Barry is starting his next semester in school on Monday.  He's about 1/2 way to his degree in education.  We both are looking forward to that!  He goes full force and has only gotten one B since starting, making A's in all other classes.  I'm so proud of him for working so hard to realize his dream.  He's had his share of jobs, so its nice for him to be working towards a his dream of teaching.  It really is what he's meant to do.

My family is doing well.  My dad is currently in Bolivia participating in a language immersion program to learn Spanish.  He is a Maryknoll Deacon who's job it is to ask for money to support Maryknoll's Missions. His district includes Puerto Rico and S Florida so its very important for him to learn Spanish!  He is having an amazing experience outside of the classroom as well, visiting Toro Toro and other unique places.  He's there for three months and will be back in October. We miss him but we're able to keep in touch on Skype. I love skype.  Mom is loving retirement and keeping very busy helping with the grand kids and volunteering anywhere she can.  Right now she's up in Chicago helping my Grandpa (more on that below).

The cats are doing great adjusting to Alexsa.  Most of the time they stay away, but Hiro is especially good about letting her pull out his hair pet him.  They aren't fans of the gates, but they are dealing with them.

Lastly, the sad news.  My grandpa went to the doctor a few months ago to check out a pain in his leg.  They found cancer that had eaten his femur so bad he had to get a metal rod put in for support.  Unfortunately we learned the cancer was a secondary cancer, and it had come from his lungs. When they ran tests on his lungs, they found the cancer had travelled to his lymph nodes as well.  They classified it as Stage 4 and, because of the lymph nodes, its inoperable.  So he went through radiation, but it only kept the cancer from growing further.  His next step is chemo, which he may or may not do.  His 81st birthday is on the 31st.  He's had a full life and watched his wife of 60 years go through the crapiness of cancer 2 years ago.  I won't blame him for not doing the chemo.  I will be heartbroken when he leaves us though.  He's the last of my grandparents.   I have so many great memories with him.  Also, I am nervous to learn of the fate of their house.  It is a magical little house on the lake that is, after all my travels, hands down the best place on earth. I know 7 other grandchildren and 9 great-grandchilren that feel the same way.  Its been nice that my mom is there; We've been able to talk on skype and he's been able to see Alexsa laugh and crawl around.

So, even though my life (and heart) revolve around Alexsa, other things do go on. :) 


Rhiannon said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I will keep him in my thoughts.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I too am sorry about Grandpa!

Mandi said...

Thanks, ya'll!