Monday, June 14, 2010

2010-06-14 Pic of the Day/ 4 Month Wellness Check

I only took one photo today.  This is Proud Uncle Jamie:
I met Barry at the Doctor's office at 1:30 for Alexsa's 4 month wellness check.  Here are her stats:
Head:    41cm (50% )
Weight: 12 lb, 1 oz (20%)
Height:   25" (75%)

Still long and skinny, but a bit skinnier than she should be.  Part of that is probably our fault because we read up that she should be getting 1 feeding's worth of water each day since she's on formula (Formula fed babies can get consipated) so we would water down her formula a bit since water is a bit too thin for her to drink quite yet.  So starting now, no more watering down formula. We gotta fatten her up! :)

Other than that, they said she was "perfect"!  Very attentive, holds her head up really well when on her tummy, no delayed eye movements and has a great grip. :)  They said she's rolling early because of her weight; thinner babies tend to be able to roll sooner.  I still like to think its because my baby's a genius, but to each their own, I guess. ;)

As far as the breast feeding goes, we ended up buying a SNS (Supplemental Nursing System) to see if we can get her to latch more and get my production up.  I'm hoping its not too little too late and we can still BF for a few more months.  I tried it when I got home tonight and it was too difficult to get it on and all that and then try to get her to latch, so i'll try again when Barry's home.

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Angelle said...

That's crazy about the water. I had always heard the opposite. To ONLY give formula because you don't want baby to fill up on no-calorie water. On the other hand both Leah and Erin got constipated at 6 monthsish (we switched to formula AND started baby food at the same time-BAD idea).

The SNS looks pretty cool. I can't wait to hear how it goes.