Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Pics of the Day! 6/4-6/8

Friday, 6/4:
Friday morning I walked in to see her sleeping like this! She's becoming such a rolly polly. :)

Saturday 6/5:
Saturday we had fun with the mirror!  She loves her reflection :)
She's such a squirm!  This is how she ended up while I was cleaning the kitchen.  Right after this she got pissed at me for not helping her getting 'un-stuck'.

Sunday, 6/7:
As you can see, this isn't Alexsa... I didn't get any pictures of her today!  It was my nephew Braydon's 5th birthday party. His favorite gift was his dragon-slaying gear (How to Train Your Dragon). I'm glad he's on my side :)

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Nikki said...

That picture of Alexsa half in the baby seat reminds me so much of Elena at that age. Halle and Sonja were/are not squirmers but that seat belt saved Elena many times. :)