Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Night Rider

If you're already a consistent member of a gym, new years sucks. The gym we go to (Brooks YMCA) is an awesome gym in the heart of the Southside, which is a hub of large companies that employ probably 1/2 the people in 3 counties. Needless to say, it's a busy area anyway. Everyone has the same crazy idea that they'll burn more calories in January. You should not have to wait in line to workout. This brings me to last Wednesday. A fresh batch of gym members clogging my idea of a pleasant workout gave Barry the idea that it would be best to just go biking outside instead. After about 30-45 minutes of debating where we should go cycling during rush hour, coupled with my hot desire NOT to workout, Barry dragged me out of the house and we decided just to go to the Rail Trail. Well, debating is not the best word. It was more like arguing, griping, and a lot of bitching on my part -I was not being a team player. But off we went anyway.

By the time we got out there it was completely dark. There were 3 cars in the parking lot, including ours, and 2 were on their way out. We got set up and turned our lights on and off we went for a 10 mile ride.

As soon as I felt the wind in my face I felt better. I don't know what it was about being out there at night, but I was in my own world. If it extended past my headlight, it didn't exist. Just me, my bike, 10 feet of pavement, and the wind in my face.

I'm glad the Resoluters spoiled my mood. It gave me an experience than i ever would've had at the gym.


Angelle said...

It sounds like we agree. I never want to actually work out but I always feel better when I do. Night riding sounds nice. Too bad it is in the 30s at night here.

Alix said...

Never again will I go to the gym. I tried this past fall and went for my little tour of the Winston YMCA (Ponte Vedra Beach). I even got a free two-week pass and a free meeting with a personal trainer. Never went back. I guess I was just kind of insulted that even though I am a housewife with no personal income, they were going to charge me out the kazoo because my husband makes a good living. Hey! This gym thing is my idea, for me, so why should he be punished. As you know, the fee schedule is based on income. Well, I'm not asking for a free membership, but I also think it's unfair to charge ME the HIGHEST fee because my husband - who won't be using the gym - wins decent bread. Then there's the whole gym culture that I'm not necessarily ever going to be comfortable with because I'm more of a loner than a social butterfly. Blah blah whine whine.

I'm going to buy a Wii Fit and hop on my bike a little more. I also need to check out this Rail Trail thing. Sounds interesting...

Alix said...

If you like biking on trails, you might be interested in Washington Oaks Gardens State Park (a mile or two south of Marineland on A1A). They have gorgeous trails, both on the beach side and Intracoastal side. Nice picnic spot too, with facilities.