Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Savannah: A Cherry-Poppin' Good Time!

I enjoyed my first trip to Savannah last weekend. After living 2 1/2 hours away since I was 6 years old and being a girl scout for 10+ years, I finally made it. Thank you, Angelle, for popping my Savannah Cherry. :)

Some highlights of the trip include:
  • Of course, being with Angelle and Stacey. But that should go without saying. I hadn't seen Stace since Angelle's wedding! It was great to visit.

  • Staying up until *GASP* 9:30 on Friday night. It felt SO good to go to bed early, honestly. I woke up about 9:15.

  • Taking a picture with Paula Deen!!!!! We also saw this at the back side of her restaurant and thought it was kinda cool:

  • Meeting the World Famous Writer/Days Inn Concierge, Rowan Wolfe. What, never heard of her? Yeah, me either. But apparently she had to move to Savannah to hide from some government conspiracy. She also has a living ghost in the guest wing of her home. And she just happened to have her latest book on her Concierge desk, right next to the trolley brochures. Lucky for us, she brought her sports car today and had some in her trunk. We learned all this about her in the 10 minutes it took for us to buy ghost tour tickets.

  • Eating the world's smallest Cuban sandwich at Larry's Giant Subs. We were going to the spa and needed a snack beforehand. I didn't want a plain turkey sandwich but didn't need an 8" Mighty Mitch either.

  • Having a relaxing mid-day spa treatment. I got a manicure whilst Angelle and Stacey got pedis. The spa was called JW's. It was a perfect way to release a lot of they daily crap you have to deal with in normal life. They did a great job and my nails look fantastic. :)
  • Enjoying an awesome tapas dinner at Jazz'd, along with this YUMMY Bellini Tini. The tapas were so delicious also, but we ate them so quickly that I forgot to take a picture of them.

  • Missing our ghost tour trolley by 2 minutes. That's right. We arrive at 8:32 in time to watch the trolley roll on. They 'squeeze' us on to the 9:00 tour, so we had just ehough time to get a drink to go (Gotta love Savannah's open container laws!) and chug it before we get on the trolley. Finneus the "Dead" "Irish" Privateer was our guide. Really he was some 30-something D & D player that needed some lessons in eyeliner. BUT, we were on the bus so we're happy. See? Then Finneus says that we will start a few minutes late to wait on one party. Seriously!? Grrrr... Luckily I had a drink in me that I practially injected I drank it so fast, so I got over it quickly. The tour was beyond cheesy, but it was entertaining. Angelle was a wuss and wouldn't go into the "haunted house". The true haunting experience, however, was the 60 year old woman that calls her self a Thespian *coughoveractorcough* telling ghost stories in a room with black lights. *shudders*

  • Going to Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar. That's our kinda place - Sing at the top of your lungs and drink and dance. It reminded me a lot of Harmonious Monks for you J'ville Folks. We had a good time: But Angelle didn't like the smoke: After a few drinks we were cutting up and singing out of key with the best of them! At random points of the evening, I stuffed a dollar in a guy's pants and got out-of-this-world excited when the pianist played my request (Sail Away).We also met a fun guy named Philip. He's the guy behind angelle here: He was disappointed I was married, and that gave me a small ego trip for the night. :)

  • Sunday we we went back to the graveyard that we visited on our ghost tour. Apparently during the civil war the army thought it would be a great fortress since it was bordered by a high brick wall, so they moved all the gravestones to the wall and half of them never got put back. To this day some of them still line the east wall, some of them with pot marks from where the soldiers used the stones for target practice.

It was a great weekend. I can't wait for the next girl's weekend!

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Alix said...

Oh no you dit'ent get your picture with Paula Deen. I'm so jealous, I had to stop reading your post so I could comment. Now I have to go back and read it all without attitude. LOVE the photos. What a happy mischevious group!