Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Renal Retentive

Today, My friend Erin gets a new shot at life. Today, Erin recives her kidney transplant.

About a year ago, Erin learned she was pregnant. She and her husband were overcome with joy and excitment for the new baby. Unfortunately, at 21 weeks, she lost her baby due to complications from Kidney Disease. Amelia Grace was stillborn on 3/11/08. She was an angel in disguise, however, because if it wasn't for Erin getting pregnant, they would have never discovered her Renal Disease and would still be on medication for high blood pressure and not for the underlying reason. Who knows where she would be today. I could go further into it, but its best just to read her story here: http://renalretentive.blogspot.com/2008/06/my-story.html.

As soon as she was put on the transplant list, her entire family and friends were ready to line up to be tested as a match. Her first prospect, her cousin Brenda, went through the testing and through amazing Irish luck, she was a match! So the last month has been a whirlwind for her and her family with the holidays and scheduling her transplant surgery. Everyone is taking a deep today as Erin and Brenda go under.

UPDATE: As I was typing I got an update from her sister, Sarah. She says:
Erin's donor, Brenda, went in for surgery at 8:15am. We just received word at 10:45am that Brenda was closed up, moved to recovery, and in great shape. They were able to do the surgery laparoscopically, which is the best possible scenario for Brenda. She will be discharged on Thursday, if all healing goes as planned.Erin was taken back for prep at 10:15am. Just two seconds ago Rick was taken back to give Erin kisses before being put under and taken into surgery.

Please keep Erin and her family in your thoughts and prayers today for a quick and seamless recovery.


Angelle said...

You know I have been following Erin's blog sporadically so I knew her story. I did not realize that the transplant date was so soon. I will be thinking of her today. Please update us when you know more.

Erin and Rick said...

I love you!!! I am sitting here typing on Sarah's laptop and enjoying my morphine drip, haha. Still very sore and groggy but things are going great so far. Hope to see you soon!