Monday, September 21, 2009

Blip! Blip! Bop!

Last night while watching TV and futzing around with FarmVille on FaceBook, I felt a little Blip!Blip! in my lower abdomen. I told Barry that I thought I just felt the baby and he says, "Shouldn't you know when you feel the baby?" That made me second guess myself. (Jerk.) But this morning, while sitting here at work, I felt it again. So I went downstairs to the branch, where one of my co-workers is due in November. I explained what i felt and she said "YEP!"

WOOT!!! Yay, Baby Girl!

What I thought was interesting was that for the last 3 weeks, I was trying what everyone told me to try: To lie in bed or on the couch and just relax. So there I've been, concentrating on my baby bump hoping that I could will her to kick me. It never worked. When I did feel her, I was sitting up on the couch, kind of hunched over the laptop that sits on our coffee table. Same with today - sitting up at my desk at work. It's never really in the same exact place twice, so she's a little swimmer. OMG, I just love her so much. Its rediculous! I've never even met her yet!

Just another step that makes her and this all the more real - and just another level of excitement for me - I can't wait to meet her!!!!

Update: I'm just so excited i can't concentrate on the procedures i should be writing right now at work. I never wanted to be kicked in the gut so badly in my life!! HA! Oh, Baby Girl. You just make me want to dance a jig I'm so excited for you!


Angelle said...

So glad to hear it! It increases exponentially from there. You probably felt it because you were decreasing the size of her space by hunching over. Yay!

Erin and Rick said...

How exciting!!! It's such a strange sensation the first time. The first time I felt Amelia do anything & I was sure it was her, I was sitting @ the computer desk at home (I sit in my home PC chair with my feet crossed underneath me). I think squishing her up a bit did help!

Nikki said...

I love how excited you are! :) She's a lucky little girl already!

Alix said...

Mandi, I LOVE this post.

I LOVE how much you love your tiny unborn child. Get used to the feeling. It expands exponentially (only mildly tapering off during the teen years)!

I LOVE that you felt her and recognized the flutter. Brings back so many lovely memories for me.

But most of all... I LOVE you!

PS: Barry needs a good swift kick in the derriere, and I'm all too happy to oblige.

Alix said...

OMG! Just noticed Angelle and I BOTH used the word "exponentially." What are the odds?