Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been sneezing every day since being pregnant. I learned through the miracle of the Internet that it's a very common 'symptom' of pregnancy called Pregnancy Rhinitis. Who-da-thunk?

Well, last night Barry and I are laying on the couch (foot-to-foot, to give you a picture ;))watching TV when I feel a sneeze coming on. I do a sit-up (to avoid the obligatory piddle otherwise), cover my mouth and sneeze. Barry goes "EWWWWW!!!" Thinking I sneezed on him, i say "SORRY... I covered my mouth!" He said, "It wasn't the sneeze - your belly was against my leg!"


He was creeped out because 'it was all hard and stuff'. What a freakin' wuss. He has yet to touch my tummy. Just wait till this kid starts kicking. He better touch my belly then!


Angelle said...

Ha ha, that is ridiculous! And for the record, Mike is none too excited about feeling the baby move. He claims it was more interesting the first and even second time around. Now it's like, yeah whatever. I am still amazed everyday!

Alix said...

Give me Barry's number. That boy needs a call.

Mandi said...

Angelle - like a guy to 'get over it' unless, of course, it's the latest in wakeboards/snowboards/etc. then it never gets old!

Alix - LOL!!