Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sugar 'n' Spice or Snakes 'n' Snails?

If all goes well, we will know the sex of Little Cashew today!!! Our appointment is at 2:45. It's my first major ultrasound (the only other one was a quick 'hi' as a favor from my Doctor) so i don't know quite what to expect. I'm utterly excited, though. It's 12:06 according to my clock on my computer at work. I'm doing my best to get what I can done between moments of just wishing and praying that 2:15 would come quickly so i can head out and SEE my BABY! And HOPEFULLY see his or her little wang (or lack there of).

I was reading about Old Wives Tales yesterday to figure out what they would say the sex would be. According to a quiz collaborating many famous OWTs, we've got a 74% chance of a girl. One OWT made me chuckle, though... a grandmother was talking to her pregnant granddaughter. She said if you're crabby during your pregnancy, its a girl because all girls are crabby and if you have a girl you're twice as so. If you're happy during your pregnancy, it's a boy because you have a 'peter' in you for 9 months! LOL! Gotta love spunky Grandmas. *sigh* I miss mine... I wish she could meet her newest Great Grand baby. But that's another blog...

12:14... SO CLOSE!


Erin and Rick said...

Oh how fun! Be prepared to cry! Every little wave or the arm is so sweet. I could see Amelia sucking her fingers, stretching and reaching, and yawning on her 18-week scan. Have fun!

Alix said...

I'm saying a male cashew! There's always one who goes against the trends, isn't there? My first feeling was girl... then, no. BOY. Capitol letters.

Have a fun ultrasound. Wave to the weenie for Auntie Alix.