Monday, September 14, 2009

Growth Spurt?

This morning I woke up to start my morning ritual: Turn off the alarm, roll out of bed, walk the 4-5 steps to the toilet, pee, turn on the shower, wake up gradually under a hot stream of water. This morning I woke up fairly quicker when I noticed some pink on my TP. AH! It wasn't a lot, so I didn't freak out. I pulled out my "What to Expect" Book, and didn't feel too worried when I didn't have any pain associated with it. So I took my shower as usual and called the Doctor when I got out. (Its so nice when he answers the phone.) He said just to keep an eye on it and to not have sex for a few days, then give him a call. Then he said "I'll feel better when you feel the baby move." UGH. Great. NOW I'm worrying! Sure, I've been anxious to feel her, but I saw her moving on the ultrasound just last Tuesday, and heard her heartbeat at a strong 153 on Friday, so I've been OK with it. I am a little overweight, so according to my books and websites, it's usual to not feel fetal movement right now, sometimes until 26 weeks. (I'm at 19.) But when the Doctor says he's worried, shouldn't I worry too? And now, of course, I'm wondering if every little twinge is more than it is. Meh. I'm going to do my best to not be stressed about it, since he didn't make me come in, or even tell me to lay down for the day or anything. Stress is not good for a baby. This is me, not stressed.

One thing I've felt the last 3 days now, is that even if I eat or drink the smallest meal, I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving Dinner. All of it. My stomach and sides are super tight (above my ute) and all I want to do is lay down. Saturday I mentioned to Barry that I thought she must have had a huge growth spurt or something because I felt SO tight (but again, not at my uterus, but above and around it). Its like she's growing faster than my body can compensate. To all my other mothers out there: is this normal, too? I did mention this to Dr. Raspa, too, and he didn't seem to make a deal out of it.


Angelle said...

I know we already talked about the tightness thing but it is totally normal. She will grow, then you will grow and compensate for her. Your skin has also never been stretched like this before so the slower your skin grows, the less likely you are to get stretch marks.

On the other topic, the dr is not worried that you are not feeling movement. He only says he will feel better when you do because then that is another indicator you can use to judge how the baby is doing. If you feel her often enough, the dr will not worry even when you have some spotting.

Erin and Rick said...

Don't stress!! And remember, OB's really lean to the side of caution. If he did feel truly worried at all, he would have had you come in!

Alix said...

Everything with a pregancy - especially a first pregnancy - is odd and strange and fairly panic inducing.

If all you got was a little pink smear and nothing since, relax. Not to be gross, but it could have come from somewhere else... or be a small burst blood vessel... or just baby asserting her preference for the color.

Keep in touch with your doc, and take it easy. And DO NOT worry because that doesn't change anything and many times complicates things.

Love you mamacita.

Laurie said...

I stressed BIG TIME with Gavin. I couldn't feel him move, even around 20 weeks, and I had with the other boys. Turns out, I had an anterior placenta that was 'buffering' his movements. Maybe...?

It's easy to say don't worry, but it is almost impossible not to. Check out Getting the fetal doppler so I could listen to G anytime I needed to saved my sanity.