Monday, September 14, 2009

The Registry

On Saturday Barry spent the rainy afternoon in Babies R Us with a gun. A scanning gun that is. We picked out everything from my breast pump to our stroller system to our bedding to Every. Little. Thing. In between. By the time we got home, 4 plus hours later, saying we were exhausted was an understatement. We heated up some left overs and vegged in front of the TV. By 10:00, I woke up from the couch and migrated to the bed, not bothering to even take my hair out of my ponytail. I woke up again at about 1:15 (to pee of course) and noticed that Barry was still in the living room. I yelled to him "I can't believe you're still awake!" Not a minute later he was next to me. Apparently he fell asleep on the couch too (TV, computer and lights still on). We both woke up the next day about 9:00. I slept for 11 hours!! I haven't done that in I don't know how long. Goes to show that making decisions really is tiring. That plus growing a baby can really wear you out I guess. ;)

On a side note, a few of my friends/family had taken notice to our Registry and made some comments on our 'over-abundance' of scanned items. In my defense, Barry held the gun the whole time and he even admitted that if it said "A Must Have for Parents!" on the label, he scanned it. (Hence the baby timer thingy on the registry - what does it do that a normal timer doesn't? We have no idea.) Also, we fell prey to the New Parent Syndrome that Babies R Us love to spread by giving you a checklist that has everything under the sun on it. Luckily, Angelle set me straight on a few things, and as the weeks and months pass, I'm sure I'll be updating it with more or less of the necessities and less of the thermometers (Apparently we had at least 5 different ones scanned. OOPS.)

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Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I think an over abundance of things is nice. This way someone can buy you small things that fit their budget. Do MOST people review a registry by item first or by price first? Hmmmmm.