Wednesday, December 24, 2008

48 Minutes and Counting

Until we close and get to have a drink!!!

Luckily not many people do their banking on Christmas Eve, because I was finally able to catch up on everything. I have been working 10 hour days all week, and worked 11 last friday. I'm exausted!

Ever since we did our mock tri, I haven't been as enthusiastic about working out, and that's not good. I guess now that i know i can do it, I don't feel i have to be as diligent? It's horrible, I know. (Angelle, you can stop shaking your head now.) On Thursday I went to the Jag's game, so I count the climbing up and down the ramps of the stadium to get my beer working out. Saturday we ran and swam, and Sunday I was a lazy biotch and didn't even get out of my jammies. Yesterday we ran and swam and I had a really good run. I'm actually starting to like it. Now while doing it, but immediately after. I mean, I actually thing of running fondly, it's quite a strange feeling for me.

Our internet is acting up at home again... we tried to install a wireless router - that was a mistake. now we have nuthin'.

Ok, this is now labeled the most boring post. Ever.

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