Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WORK. A Four Letter Word

From now until 2009, please be kind to me if I'm not blogging regularly. My best time to blog is at work during my down time, but I don't forsee any of that for the rest of the year.
You see, from now until then, I'm pretty much the only Office Manager. Of the 5 branches, one OM recently left the company. One has pneumonia and the other 2 are on vacation. That's me. On top of that, my personal banker (my counterpart at the branch) is working at our Downtown location due to short staff there. Then, starting friday until the 5th, I'll also be helping out with operations because the person that does the bank's branch balancing, transaction reporting, hold maintenence, and GL Suspense balancing (among other things) is also on vacay. So from now until 2009 my duties include (but are not limited to):
>Checking and collecting overdrafts for 3-4 branches (all after 8:30am but before 10am)
>Collecting past due loans
>Pulling Daily Branch Reports
>Scanning and savings daily branch reports
>balancing the Bank's branches
>Overlooking and correcting any holds placed
>Checking and sending CTRs (govt regulation)
>Finding any GL suspense discrepencies
>Opening accounts
>Completing any customer maintenence
>Being the help desk for all the branches
>Performing any task that only OMs can do (there are a few)
>Address and send out 48 christmas cards
>Answer the phones with a smile
>NOT pulling my hair out

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Angelle said...

Even though I don't know what half of those things are, it sounds like a lot. But that is NO excuse. You just said a few posts ago that you have internet at home. Jot us a little note now and then INSTEAD of watching TV. See how easy that was. :)