Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Triathlon Already??!

Once we finally left the accident scene on Saturday we went to an off-road trail called Durbin Creek Peninsula Trail. It was a great trail and ended up being about 3.2 miles, which was perfect. After the run Barry had the bone-head idea of completing all the components of the triathlon. At first I was against it- we're only week 8 into our training and I don't want to overdue it - but he was adamant. SOOO... we got home, put the bikes on the rack and went to the Rail Trail. We biked the 13 miles (20k) of the sprint. It was hard for me - my quads were not in the mood to bike after running 5K+, but I said "QUADS! You're not the boss of me!" and pushed through. From there we went home, put the bikes up, and went to the pool for our 500yard swim. Surprisingly, my swim was actually completed with no problems. In fact, i probably could've gone more. :)

You're probably thinking, "How nice of you to be able to live so close to all these great amenities."
No. I live in Jacksonville, where everything is "20 minutes away". So from Home to Run to Home to Bike to Home to Swim, we put about 71 miles on the car just driving back and forth. :P BUT it was all worth it. Without our lengthy transitions, i did it in less than 2 hours. :) I'm happy. :) (Even though we did it backwards)

Here are my times:
RUN: 40 minutes (3.2 miles)
BIKE: 1hr 1min (13 miles)
SWIM: 10 min (500 yards)

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Angelle said...

Your times, especially your swim, are AMAZING! I have no doubt that you will kick butt at the tri. I will be struggling to keep up with you!