Friday, December 12, 2008

Crossing My Legs

~Today I happened to cross my legs.

Now, for you skinny people, you may not comprehend what I'm about to tell you: Large Legged People have a hard time crossing their legs. It's quite annoying, especially in a skirt, when you are attempting to be ladylike but the only thing you can do is cross your ankles. And I don't know where I was in ankle-crossing class, but i just never learned how to do it comfortably. So, to avoid such awkward moments, I stay behind my desk or just wear pants where I can sit with both legs on the floor, allow my thigh fat to spread across the chair and be quasi-comfortable with my knees a shoulder length apart.

Back to today. Today, as I was sitting at my desk, I nonchalantly crossed my legs. I realized shortly there after that the task had been completed without aide. I had accomplished a 'little thing'.

Honestly, since that moment, I've been afraid to do it again in fear it was a fluke.

1 comment:

Angelle said...

That is hilarious! But still, a change, however small, is monumental. Great job!