Monday, December 8, 2008

My First 5K!


The first time i decide to run 3+ miles in a row in my entire life and I do it with an official timing chip attached to my shoe and everything. :)

Sunday night, after doing my best to recover from Saturday night, Barry and I fufilled our agreement to sign up for the Festival of Lights 5K with Jenn and Dave. When I woke up Sunday morning I was a wee bit nervous about it, but I rested all day, drank water and ate pasta, so i was feeling like myself by the evening.
It was great! I say this now that its over - this is what labor might feel like. During the race I remember hating it, but as soon as it was over i don't remember why. I wasn't overly winded and I recovered quite quickly. :) I had a great breathing rythym. And no matter what, I have created a Personal Record! :) Here were our official times:

Name / Total Place / Age group place / Time / Pace
Mandi / 848 / 171 out of 237 / 38.55 / 12.31 / 39.34
Jenn / 826 / 112 out of132 / 38.26 / 12.22 / 39.06
Dave /153 /17 out of 106 / 23.45 / 7.39 / 24.25
Barry / 604 / 60 out of 86 / 34.18/11.02 / 34.58
Side note: Does anyone know how to do a table on blogspot? hm.
My goals were to not stop running the whole time and to finish in under 42 minutes - and i did both!! WOOT!


Angelle said...

So proud of you! Racing is kinda addictive. You want to keep doing it to get better. Congrats!

Alix said...

Mandi! Hello! How nice of you to follow me to Casa Hice from Cake Wrecks. Isn't that site a hoot? I mean when the commentors aren't ripping your hair out by the roots. I think that whole gypsy/political correctness debate was hilarious. I honestly didn't mean to stir up trouble, but it just got bigger and bigger and bigger! Wow, see what can happen to you even when you're safe at home in a bath robe? Anyway... thanks for posting a comment at Casa Hice. I consider it a compliment and an honor. Now I have to go read your blog. Cheers!

PS: Where in Jax are you? I'm in Ponte Vedra near Nocatee.