Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday Training - Updated with Pictures

My funk of not wanting to workout seeped into the weekend. Saturday's task was to bike for 53 minutes. I really enjoy biking, but for some reason we just didn't want to get off the couch. And then when I saw that Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story was on public TV - I didn't realize there was more after Avonlea**! So i decided that, to compromise, i would go to the gym to bike and watch it. Unfortunately, they didn't get the same public channel there and i missed out anyway. :( (I watched Lethal Weapon 4 instead). I did about 12 miles in the 53 minutes. :) My lazy husband stayed in bed! I'll definitely beat him if he keeps this up! :)

**Sidebar: Did you know there's another Anne movie coming out next year? Just found out! Click here for the synopsis:

Saturday night was my company's Christmas party. As a gift to my husband, i let him stay home! In fact, he dropped me off and picked me up so I could drink - woohoo! Well, i took full advantage and drank myself under the table. WAY too much vodka in WAY too short of time. But i had a blast and i was smokin' hot, i might add. (Pictures will be added tonight!) My boss said i looked like a model - I'll remember that one for a while. :)

Our CEO, Gil, and me

Me and our CLO

Me, Denise, Faye, & Meghan in front of the Tree

The end of the night. :) Erin, Vanessa, Janice, and Me

At the end of the night, I got a good ab workout - if you know what i mean. I slept on the bathroom floor and eventually ended up on the couch at my sister's. Barry started drinking when we got there, about midnight, and apparently ended up running around my sister's neighborhood with cape at 3 o'clock in the morning. :) I was unfortunately unconscious during this or i would have pictures.


Laurie said...

Stupid kids preventing me from doing stupid things like that!! grumble grumble.

I'm sure sleeping on the bathroom floor wasn't all that fun, but the rest of the time sounded like a blast! I have an awesome mental picture of Barry running around in a cape now...

Angelle said...

I had no idea there was a continuing story of Anne! I will have to watch for it. Also, the new one they are making doesn't sound that great. It changes the story, which I don't like.

Bathroom floor sleeping=no fun. Can't wait to party with you on our girls' trip!

Erin and Rick said...

Whatwhatwhat??? There is a moving coming out? I can't wait!!

Erin and Rick said...

A movie even....