Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok, I'm at that point. I had a great vacation during which i didn't exercise once and i just don't feel like getting back into the swing of things. We went to the gym yesterday and i felt as though i struggled through the biking and swimming. Today is to swim for 26 minutes and i just don't want to go. Barry won't be there and I just soooo want to decorate the house and finish the laundry. Can you believe i'd rather do laundry than drive to the gym? Geez...

I'm so glad i have ya'll to account for me. "I don't feel like it" is just not a good enough excuse anymore. Thanks guys!

PS Monday the 8th is when my internet will be working - yay!! Sometime shortly after that i will upload all my pictures that have been waiting so patiently to be published on the World Wide Web for all to see. :)

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Angelle said...

Bust it out, girl. DO NOT GIVE IN! I was there this past week. Push through it.