Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whole Foods

My life has changed forever. I have experienced Whole Foods.

For the last year I have passed the distruction, then construction, of the building that has become Whole Foods. Everyday, coming home from work, it became a game. I hoped that I would get stopped by the light at Hartley just so I can gawk to see what more might have been added. To see how much closer. The anticipation almost killed me. But finally, on December 10th, the anticipation was over. For Whole Foods had opened.

It was more than I ever imagined. The produce, the meats, the hot and cold bars. Gourmet cheeses and chocolates, fresh gelato, fresh pizzas baked in a 600+ degree wood burning oven. Half the store is the by-the-pound hot bars filled with chinese, indian, american, middle-eastern, italian, and more. By 8:00am there are fresh soups like Potato and Gouda (and oh yes, it was gouda). There's even a bar where you can buy specialty sugars and salts by the pound (example? smoked black salt).

The food is only the beginning. The service is extroidanary. They aren't just nice to Alton! They are truly happy to help you. Not sure which variety apple you'd like? Just ask and they'll cut one up for you to taste. Same goes for the chocolates and caramels, and the $50 per pound cheese.

This place is so good, as we were leaving it on friday night, a couple was taking their picture in front of the store.

If you've never experienced whole foods, then I urge you to find the one closest to you. It really is worth the drive.

If you prefer steak um's to prime rib, it may not be the store for you. As I over heard one digruntled consumer say "It's all that or-ganic crap. I coodn't find NUTHIN' normal!"

That's fine lady, save that parking space for me.


Angelle said...

We do not have a Whole Foods in Charlotte but I just spent some time in Earth Fare the other day and that was pretty fun.

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Gah, I miss my Whole Foods so bad. I love that olive bar. OLIVE IT!

Jim and Garret said...

I've been several stores around the country like what you described but I don't think they were Whole Foods. The specialty bars/counters are wonderful but I think the prices are more than what I'd like to spend unless it's just a treat. I was in banking for a year (teller) and my mom has been a teller all of her life so I can relate to some of your stories.