Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bikes - And a Truly "Mandi-esque" Post

The Bikes are in the garage, the rack is on the car, i'm wearing my bike pants as i type this, and our checking account is empty! We definitely made a serious commitment! I just hope we can do it!!

NO, i KNOW we can do it. :)

I rode a little bit around the parking lot of the store and have my first bruise. I forgot that... hold on*

* side bar: my kitty Hiro is playing with my mouse - ha! The cursor moving all over the screen and he has no idea - so cute!

OK sorry. :) Now i forgot what i was going to say i forgot. LOL. OH YEAH. I forgot i was clipped in at one point and have my first bike-related bruise. I didn't fall on my ass thank goodness, but i guess my inner thigh hit my lateral bar or something. Luckily i caught my balance w/o falling.

We're going on a ride on Sunday w/ Dave and Jen (friends/former triathletes). I'm really looking forward to it and getting comfortable in the saddle and with my clips.

BTW, I'm only wearing the bike shorts because we were about to go play around the road in our complex when Barry realized that it's Wednesday at 10pm and he HAD to watch his Ultimate Fighter... I'm not a freak that likes to wear bike shorts. For all my men reader (Hi, Mike.): if you wear a pair of bike shorts you will know what it's like to wear a maxi pad. "And Knowing Is Half The Battle!" ... well, maybe not in this case.

As you can tell by reading this post, I'm way too tired and i need to go to bed now. More to come tomorrow.

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Angelle said...

And with that post, I felt like you were right here in my living room! That's what makes me nervous about clip in pedals. I want to be able to catch myself.