Friday, October 24, 2008

Triathlon Training -Day 11

After that crazy workout yesterday, getting up this morning was a BEAST. We were supposed to wake up at 5:00 to go cycle for 2-3 miles. 5:00 turned to 5:30, and I was able to get up just in time to hear the rain pouring down. :P So i thought that i could still get up at 6 and go to our gym for the stationary bike. So back to bed i went for another precious 30 minutes. The bike in our complex gym is a recumbent and i truly dispise it. This coupled with the sound of the rain, the snuggles from barry, and the warmth of my bed equaled the demise of that plan. I finally crawled out of bed and into the shower at 7:50ish. I packed my gym clothes, made a smoothie and was out the door at 8:45, only to forget my yummy cattiatore leftovers. :(

I found out there was a YMCA about 5 miles from my office -BONUS!- now if i can't get up in the morning i can always go workout on my lunchbreak - woohoo! AND it has a pool - Double Woohoo! So for lunch I got on a stationary bike, but the regular kind, and rode 3 miles at about 12-13mph. Today's requirements were to swim 150m and bike 2 miles, but i forgot my swimsuit. I'm using the excuse that i swam enough yesterday for 2 days worth. :)


Angelle said...

Sweet! I know what you mean though. I cannot get out of bed early to work out. I just have to figure out how to fit it into my day. When do you start the new program, Monday? Which days are going to be your off days? Mine are Wednesday and a weekend day, whichever one I want.

Mandi said...

My days off are going to be Tuesday and a weekend day. :) And YEP! We start monday! Have they started using real words for the word verify? I just got dishwood :)