Thursday, October 16, 2008

Medical Update

I had another follow up with my Doctor about my PCOS. BTW, I mentioned before how much i like my doctor, right? Well, he's just the sweetest man ever. Gives out hugs at greeting and departure - i love hugs!! Anyway, I digress. (or as Matt LeBlanc said at 6:30 this morning on Married... With Children: "I digest...")
At the appointment, he was not happy with the way my chart is looking - yellow stickers everywhere, meaning, I have mucus almost everyday. I have not had a period since the end of June, and although i've been really good at taking my meds at night, i somehow forget almost every morning. I wasn't aware of this before, but he hadn't actually diagnosed me with PCOS until this week. Now it's offical. :P He also gave me another prescription. Now i'm taking progesterone, every night before bed. I'm grateful they're not shots, but they aren't taken orally either. That makes things interesting... Aparently the progesterone is supposed to jump start my cycle and on the 10th day taking the meds, i should have a period. And he warned me that it'll be a big one. That blows. On the bright side, hopefully i'll have more green days and a strong peak after that. *Crosses Fingers!* He says he would like to see more "I" s on my chart, and more green days would accomplish that. (I think his exact words were: "I'd like to see you have more sex.") Now you see why i like this guy?

On the other end of my body, i had some eye tests done a few weeks ago and the results came back yesterday. I thought I blogged about my eyes before, but to refresh: They're shitty. Not so much: Shitty, I'm almost blind, shitty, but more like: Shitty, If I'm not careful I could go blind, shitty. That's right. Blind. I have unusually shaped rods, which can be a catalyst for Glaucoma. On top of this, i am predisposed to be a 'great' candidate for macular degeneration. So every 6 months i get tested for both. And the most recent tests show I'm borderline for both. This means that for the mac degen, eating healthier and doing what i started to do this week will help. However for the glaucoma, the only thing we can do is catch it early. Once i have it, I'll have to take drops for the rest of my life to prevent blindness. How scary is that? I feel like it's just a matter of when. Luckily I get regular eye exams, i'd never know.

So, ladies and gents, just because you don't feel like you have poor vision, you should get regularly scheduled eye exams. Without tests, Glaucoma isn't noticed until it starts affecting your vision, and then it's too late - it's not reversable.


Angelle said...

Whew, girl, you have a lot going on over there. I don't really know much about your birth control colors. What does green mean?

Mandi said...

green means a good day - no mucus. And green mean we can have sex :)

Laurie said...

Ugh, Mandi. You are dealing with a lot. I don't even know what to say.

Keep on keeping on...?

I'm glad that you and your doctors are keeping a close eye on everything.