Monday, October 27, 2008

Training 12 & 13

Barry and I were supposed to go jogging/walking saturday morning but it ended be all misty and gross outside, so we walked to the complex's gym and used the treadmill. I chose a speed interval training program and I had to keep upping the mph for it to be worth it. I'm going to do manual from now on - it was such a pain in the ass. Then we went to the Bazaar and ate so much Filipino BBQ Pork - it's so delicious and we only get it once a year (but i found a recipe... heehee)

Sunday was AWESOME. Barry and I met our friend Dave and we went out and biked. 16 miles!!!! I was so nervous at first. On Friday night we practiced around the neighborhood and I had a complete brain fart on my first 'de-clipping' and busted - i have the scraped knee to prove it (haven't had one of these in years! Probably the last time i rode a bike...) BUT it ended up awesome and I really enjoyed myself - even caught myself smiling from time to time. So i'm looking forward to another ride this weekend.

PS Remember that bruise I was talking about earlier? Well here it is. When I busted on friday, i hit my leg in the exact same spot and aggrevated all over again! I put the pen there so you can see how huge it is. :(

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Angelle said...

You are the bomb! Love to hear about your training!