Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Class of 1998

Last weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It started Friday night at a local bar called Square One. I saw a few people I knew from Elementary and Jr High, but didn't hang out w/ them in HS. But, it was fun to talk and have some drinks.

Then Saturday was the actual reunion. Out of a class of about 550 people, only 40 or 50 showed up. Amazingly, i recognized almost all of them, although i was only friends w/ a few. I really was just looking forward to seeing some suprise faces and reconnecting with them. Luckily, i wasn't dissapointed! A friend from band, Chris Cunningham, and his wife came. Honestly, i hadn't thought about him since HS so it was a great suprise to see him. He and a few other friends, along w/ their husbands, hung out and caught up, and then went bar hopping along the beach. Aside from my husband and I getting into it, I had a great time. (that's another blog).

It really was uneventful - no amazing stories. But I got some pictures, and if i remember, i'll put them up tonight. I'm looking forward to digging out the HS ones and comparing. :)

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Angelle said...

Glad it was cool. Can't wait to see you next Monday. Don't forget my cupcakes!!! :)