Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Little Things

I think it's going to be the little things that will make a difference, once i start seeing changes in my body. I thought I'd list a few that i am looking forward to. Give me a comment, or post your own "little things blog" if you can think of some of your "little things"! Hopefully they'll inspire us, or at least make us giggle. :)
  • Getting rid of the 'front roll'. It's the phenomena that occurs when I wear pants and the front rolls down to make room for my fat belly.
  • Buying tops that have buttons down the front! Or at least wearing them w/o an undershirt, just so i don't flash everyone to my left with the gaping hold between buttons.
  • Not feeling tired all the time.
  • Having regular periods (TMI? Too bad, it's my blog.)
  • Not shopping in the fat girl section (I'm right on the border - 14s are too small, 16s are too big, but 16s are more comfy, so i wear those.)
  • getting second looks from strangers. i used to get them much more frequently than i do now.
  • Adding "Triathlete" on my list of accomplishments. That'll be sweet.

As I think of more, I'll post more...


Angelle said...

You are so right. Check out Keri's blog entry to read her "little things."

Laurie said...

1. Muffin Top
2. Not feeling like a douche (new fave word, thanks Mandi!) at the gym on the treadmill.
3. Not having that nasty Oh-I-just-had-waaaaay-too-much-to-eat feeling every day.
4. I like yours: Just being able to say I did it!!!