Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday was wonderful - we slept in. That in itself made the day great. :)

Seriously though, we slept in, finished watching Prison Break (season 3 - soooo GOOD!!!!) then got over to the gym. We only had to walk for 25 minutes. We get to the gym, and in the 30 hours or so since we had been in the room, one of the treadmills was broken. So i ended up doing the Elliptical for the 25 minutes - that was ok w/ me - probably burned a few extra calories anyway.

After we got showered, we had lunch at Mama Fu's (YUM!), visited another bike shop (another hour!) and went to OP to pick up Zoe, our niece, for a birthday trip to Busch Gardens! She is just 54" so she was able to ride all the rides. We drove down Sat night and stayed with Barry's cousin.

Sunday we got up about 8:00 and had breakfast and got over to the park about 9:30. It was so fun to watch her experience her first time on roller coasters - after the 3rd time around she was a front row-er only! Especially on Sheikra! There were NO lines and the weather was PERFECT. At one point we had about a 10 minute ride on Montu and she was like, "NUH-UH - we should come back later!" She was definitely spoiled on her first trip! I'll post some pictures tomorrow if i have time.

We got home just before 11. Sunday's workout was 2 miles on the bike, so before we even went into the house we walked over to the gym and did our 2 miles! COMMITMENT!! :)

We were in bed by 12, with the alarm set for 5:30...

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Angelle said...

I have yet to ride to Sheikra so I am super jealous. Sounds like so much fun. AND I am psyched to see your commitment. This is so much fun!