Monday, October 13, 2008


Barry and I met the Gallers today for a quick visit with lunch at Red Lobster. (Endless Shrimp - yum!) Angelle mentioned that her next big step is to do a triathlon. Her timing in mentioning this was perfect because last night, (while enjoying the 2nd day at Funari's) I was discussing w/ friends what i had eaten that day and needless to say... it was horrible. I did have green beans... but they were battered and deep fried. I started to feel nasty and realized that i really need to change my life - I don't eat right OR work out. I used to do a little of both, but now: NOTHING. Just thinking about it right now is making me nauseous (or maybe it's the gazillion shrimp in my belly right now coupled with 1/2 the boston creme cupcake from Vanilla's for dessert?)... either way it's bad i'm sure.
So, for the first time, I am saying it out loud and in writing:

I am going to train for a triathlon.

Doing it with Angelle next spring will be great motivation - I'll get to visit with friends, have a nice vacation, and have an end goal in mind.
So, i've been online today looking at training programs and things needed. Obviously i'm going to need a bike. Yikes. I was going to use my tax refund to get a new laptop... it may be going towards some new bikes now. Damn. But it's for my greater good, right?
I happen to have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I'm going to get his blessing with this before i start on tuesday, since i am probably 50 pounds overweight.

HOLY SHIT!!! Wish me luck!


Angelle said...

So proud of you. Can't wait to do this with you!!!

Laurie said...

OK. I'm in, too. Although I am the queen of no endurance, so you all may have to wait around for me at the finish line.

And on an opposite topic, Angelle just shared some of Vanilla's Cupcakery cupcakes with me...HEAVEN! I already checked to see if they ship. Local only :( I guess that's good for my training, but I'm still upset.