Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm SOOOO glad we got memberships to the Y. Our Tri training would go kaputz if we didn't.

Today's high was 60. Luckily, it's our day off so no biggy. But tomorrow morning is supposed to be in the 30s!!! And it's OCTOBER. BRRRRR!! Swimming would be nonexistent.

...Global warming, my ass...


Angelle said...

Good luck. I took today off too. Mike flew to FL tonight to be with his mom. She is in the hospital with pneumonia. Don't write about it on my blog because I don't want any family to come across it. I don't want anyone to be upset they weren't told before they read it.

Angelle said...

Uh, where is your update???

My word verification is sibermee :)