Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Training, Day 7

We ended up not going to the "Y" yesterday, but instead went to Bicycles, Etc. and to buy our 2008 Trek 1.2's. I called each of the bike shops we visited and asked for their best price. Not only did they give us the best deal, but also spent the most time with us and made us feel truly welcome into their shop and the sport that they obviously love so much. However, when we got there, we got to talking about upgrades and frames and wheels and pedals and saddles and cranks... and started to look around some more. I ended up with an AWESOME deal on a 2008 Scott Contessa Speedster. I saved over $600. Barry is picking out his this morning and getting fitted. I'll pick mine up tomorrow and get fitted.

Training: Don't think we skipped out on training just to go shopping. When we got home, we got to our gym about 8:00 and jumped in the pool. If i had nuts i'd have been singing a few octives higher - it was so cold!! But we got used to it and did 150m in just under 4 minutes. I got our goggles yesterday, but i still tended to keep my head up. I think we need ear plugs because when i tried to do what i thought was better technique, i would get water in my ear. From there we walked our 20 minutes. Today i gave myself an incline and switched up my pace from 3.6-3.9mph. We got home just in time for the last 10 minutes of How I Met Your Mother and watched Heroes.

Diet: From logging everything I eat on the Daily plate, i'm learning that I'm having trouble eating enough calories during the week, and then i go overboard w/ crappy calories on the weekend. It's a strange feeling to actually know that i need to eat MORE. I like it!
It's amazing how much easier it is to stay on track when you have the right tools!

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Angelle said...

One more day down. Yea! Laurie and I were working on form today in the pool and it was probably not so pretty. But we want to do it right, not just get faster at our sucky freestyle. Proud of you, girl!